Today it is much more common to be able to enjoy the best of the varieties indica and the best of sativas in the same strain, thanks to the hybrid plants. The truth is that currently many banks of seeds and breeders crossed various plants to create surprising genetics. Dinafimen Seeds is not the exception. […]

Many people are starting to grow their own cannabis these days, if you are one of them, you would surely like to know how to germinate your marijuana seeds, as germination is the first step to start growing. There are multitudes of methods to make your seeds germinate, from complex techniques to the simplest ones. […]

Who does not like a delicious edible one of marijuana? Well, if you have never tried them, perhaps you take the moment them in account at the time of choosing your form of consumption. Now the edible ones are one of the most popular methods to enjoy the marijuana, since not only you can acquire […]

As you know cannabis, plants can be male or female plants. The first ones, generally, are used to produce seeds, while the second ones, the grown ones look for them to obtain buds rich in cannabinoids and other compounds. In any case, it is very important that you keep in mind that in certain opportunities […]

Cannabis is a plant that can offer you, depending on the strain, a great variety of effects, flavors, aromas and can even be very resistant; however, it needs certain care or procedures to ensure optimal growth. One of the ideal tasks to obtain a successful harvest is to apply a washing of roots, you do […]

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