In general, most of the cannagrowers when they initiate their plantation of marijuana they wish to obtain their flowers as soon as possible, certain. Well, if you would like to harvest your flowers quickly, it is not said more and it follows the advices that we are going to present/display to you. You will see […]

It all starts with the seed! Yes, to start your Mary Jane growing, one of the first steps is to acquire your marijuana seeds. The most advisable thing is to choose seeds that are of quality, this way there will be major probabilities of obtaining good results. If you are interested in learning more about […]

When it comes to planting cannabis indoors, there are a number of factors to consider, one of which is lighting. You see, if you want to achieve a successful harvest with a large number of large, resinous buds, making sure your flowers receive adequate light is crucial. In the cannabis, market there is a great […]

Would you like to grow your own cannabis but have no free time? Well, do not be discouraged, there are ways to solve it. If you are a busy person and you want to plant Mary Jane, the best thing is that you take note of the advices that we are going to present you, […]

Sowing the marijuana seeds and then harvesting the buds is a rewarding activity. If you encourage yourself to start your own plantation before you start working, it is important that you know certain aspects. Stay with us, we will introduce you to 5 factors to take into account before growing cannabis. 1- Get to know […]

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