Many people are starting to grow their own cannabis these days, if you are one of them, you would surely like to know how to germinate your marijuana seeds, as germination is the first step to start growing. There are multitudes of methods to make your seeds germinate, from complex techniques to the simplest ones. […]

As you know cannabis, plants can be male or female plants. The first ones, generally, are used to produce seeds, while the second ones, the grown ones look for them to obtain buds rich in cannabinoids and other compounds. In any case, it is very important that you keep in mind that in certain opportunities […]

Cannabis is a plant that can offer you, depending on the strain, a great variety of effects, flavors, aromas and can even be very resistant; however, it needs certain care or procedures to ensure optimal growth. One of the ideal tasks to obtain a successful harvest is to apply a washing of roots, you do […]

Growing cannabis is an activity that requires planning and dedication, but do not be afraid, is not so complicated. The ideal is that you inform yourself well before beginning with your plantation to avoid making mistakes. One of the important aspects that you must consider at the time of growing your own cannabis is to […]

In indoors cannabis growing it is essential to provide the plant with a suitable environment for its growth. Factors such as temperature, lighting, humidity, and watering (at the right levels) are very important for cannabis. Another indispensable factor in the plantations of marijuana in interiors that cannot be left aside is the ventilation; nevertheless, unfortunately […]

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