In the cannabis, market there is of course a wide variety of products and devices designed for marijuana users. In this post, we present you the OTTO Grinder from Banana Bros, so keep reading. Automatic Grinder This product is an electric grinder that will undoubtedly delight many cannabis users, because it goes one step further, […]

As a cannabis lover, you know that your plants have a very strong aroma, which is usually very easy to recognize, so if you prefer to be a smoker or discreet grower, the intense smell of your marijuana can give you away. Fortunately, there are many ways to eliminate these smells. A great alternative to […]

Lighters are some of the most necessary elements, of course, when lighting your vegetable matter. That is why we have prepared a top three lighter that you should take into consideration. 1) Clipper The Classic Clipper comes in two styles, which have characteristics that make them unique. These lighters are ideal for bongs and bowls, […]

O verão é uma das estações mais esperadas, muitos usuários aproveitam para ir à praia e tirar férias, mas há outras pessoas que preferem descansar em casa. Independentemente de onde você decidir estar, não há nada como tomar uma deliciosa bebida para esfriar nesta estação quente, e que melhor se sua bebida for feita com […]

In the cannabis market, there is a great variety of bongs, which vary in various aspects, including the material with which they are manufactured, but beyond the design that may have a bong, generally, all work the same way, and most consist of the same parts. In this post, we invite you to learn about […]

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