If you are at home, why not take advantage of your free time to do some entertainment activity involving cannabis. In this post, we present you three things you can do at home: 1) Cooking with cannabis Cannabis cooking is an excellent activity to do at home. You can prepare delicious dishes (like pasta, pizzas, […]

When it comes to smoking cannabis, users are always looking for alternatives that allow them to better their experience, one of them is using a joint filter, although it is not mandatory, the filters can bring you several advantages. One of the benefits of using a filter is that you can make the most of […]

If you want to smoke a joint, but without leaving home, you are reading the right post because here we present three ideal places in the home where you can smoke pot. 1) Your bedroom For many the perfect place in the house to smoke a joint could be the bedroom. The truth is, if […]

If you would like to grow your own cannabis outdoors, but at the same time be discreet, don’t worry, fortunately there are many ways to keep your plantation hidden. Look at this post to take note of some tips we’ll give you to learn how to grow discreetly. 1) Choose a suitable place If you […]

In the cannabis market, there are varieties of models of vaporizers that you can choose to enjoy your favorite plant. Surely, at some time, you have heard about the DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer, if you still do not know it, here we present it to you, stay with us and continue reading. Design When it comes […]

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