Who does not like a delicious edible one of marijuana? Well, if you have never tried them, perhaps you take the moment them in account at the time of choosing your form of consumption. Now the edible ones are one of the most popular methods to enjoy the marijuana, since not only you can acquire […]

If you are consumer of cannabis, surely you know that the grinders or mills are an excellent tool to crush the marijuana, either to use it in a joint, vaporizer or simply to prepare a delicious plate with marijuana. In the cannabis market are available a great amount of grinders, which, vary in size, form, […]

The joints are one of the most used methods of consumption among the cannabis community. To learn to roll them correctly is an art, but do not worry, it is not so difficult. If you are just beginning in the world of the marijuana, surely, you would like to know how you could roll your […]

In the cannabic world diverse terms exist that are used to describe the effects that feel when consuming cannabis. Among them are the high and the rush. Many novices tend to use these words as synonyms, but in reality, they are two different things. If you don’t know the difference, don’t worry, this time we’ll […]

If you want a delicious cannabic meal, how about preparing a nice hamburger with marijuana, you don’t know how to do it? Well, don’t worry, we’ll give you the recipe right away. Ingredients Well first, make sure you get quality ingredients. To make this recipe (for 2 hamburgers) you will need: -500g of minced beef. […]

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