Have you ever smoked a pre-rolled joint? Surely yes, well, the Cavi Cones are similar, but they offer you a much greater experience. You will see, this product is made with more than just buds inside, because it also contains some marijuana concentrates and Kief. If you are attracted to these pre-rolled conical joints, then […]

When we talk about marijuana edibles, many recipes are ideal for preparing at home and getting high. In this occasion, we will teach to you to prepare bread of garlic, of course adding the special touch of the marijuana. It takes note of each step; you will see that it is a very easy recipe. […]

When it comes to smoking marijuana, many smokers usually look for new alternatives to take their experience to the next level. The truth is that now in the cannabis world the creativity at the time of consuming mota is every time greater. A different method with which you will surely experience an incredible trip is […]

When it comes to enjoying marijuana, there are powerful alternatives you can choose from to get high. One of the options that will surely be present in your list of favorite products are the cannabis distillates, these will undoubtedly offer you much stronger and more effective experiences.  Read on… Marijuana Distillates Cannabis distillates are the […]

Many consumers of cannabis resort to this plant for many reasons, among them, to be able to enjoy its psychoactive effects, such as the relaxation which is generally experimented with the varieties indica, or the energy or euphoria which usually offer the strains sativas. There are people who prefer to feel the effects of the […]

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